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You did all the things expected of you, you're a success! So why don't you feel successful?

You secretly find yourself feeling discontent.
Your heart is yearning for a different way of being. 
You know there is more to life, and more to you - so much more. You can't shake that feeling any longer, no matter how hard you try to ignore it and push it aside. 

Now is the time to start that journey towards your 'more'. You have been waiting long enough. 

This is where I can help. 

Sometimes the most important journey, is the hardest one to start. By holding you accountable and supporting you when you need, I can help you to transform, so that you are living the life you REALLY want. 

With me by your side you will take stock and let go of the beliefs that have been holding you back for too long - in turn making your true life goals clearer. Together, we will create a roadmap for you to achieve your goals, and find the 'more' you've been waiting for.

You know your true self is waiting to emerge, let's let her out! 

Prior to my first appointment with Connie, I was tired, emotional, sensitive and needed guidance on a fresh outlook on life.

I was pleasantly surprised after my appointment as to how different I felt. Physically, I was exhausted and slept for 18 hours. Emotionally, I felt a lightness in my mood. The biggest change was my attitude and outlook in general - there was a massive upswing!  I would definitely recommend Connie to those who are looking to change their lifestyle permanently.
— KC, New South Wales
I went to see Connie when I was going through a major emotional crisis. I felt I had lost my sense of self and was struggling to get through each day. My session with Connie was the first time I stopped to just breathe and focus on that for an hour. She gave me a mantra to help ground me and as sessions continued we were able to pinpoint and work through specific issues. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who would like some grounding and focus in their lives.
— Sadina - Perth, Australia
ITA has given me a new lease on life at a time when western psychiatric care had failed me terribly. Connie’s support and ITA treatments have taught me how to use my intuition and inner knowing to tackle life’s challenges. The techniques you learn through ITA energy therapy allow you to create a level of mastery and directorship of your own life. It is a priceless personal investment and has empowered me to follow my life’s passion and make the most out of all my life experiences.
— MB, Western Australia

If you are ready to:

  • explore your 'more' and discover what this means to you
  • explore different ways of 'being' in your life
  • understand the subconscious beliefs holding you back
  • apply energy medicine techniques to help you reach your goals 
  • get to know your true self

Then you are ready to get started.

Signature Offering

—  Phoenix Transformation Package —
Life Coaching and Energy Medicine Series

6 x 1 hour Life Coaching sessions fortnightly

6 x 1 hour remote ITA Energy Alignment fortnightly

Pre-coaching questionnaire

Tailored Treatment plan for remote energy alignments

One personalised report detailing subconscious beliefs holding you back for main goal

Unlimited email support

Life Coaching

—  The 'Yang' Package —
For the woman ready to make changes and take aligned actions to make her dreams a reality

6 x 1 hour Life Coaching sessions fortnightly

Pre-coaching questionnaire

Unlimited email support




ITA Energy Medicine

—  The 'Yin' Package—
For the woman who wants to delve deep into her depths to discover and understand who she is

1 discovery session (included as part of first energy alignment session)

6 x 1 hour remote energy alignments

Tailored treatment plan for remote energy alignments

Exercises and tools to support your energy alignments, as required


 The 'Yin' Sample
For the woman curious about energy medicine and how it can benefit her

Mini discovery session (via Skype)

40 min remote energy alignment

Contact me and we can discuss the best package for you.